Want to Win a Ride to Space?

As we ride the backlash from NASA’s Space Shuttle Shutdown, Seattle elite are starting a contest to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Space Needle, and the grand prize? A ride in to orbit… well… almost. Private company SpaceAdventure is currently developing craft to carry paying passengers into sub-orbit for around 6 minutes of zero-gravity at a time. So technically space, but not quite a stay on the uber-expensive orbital hotel opening next year.

The tiered contest starts with open registration on the Space Needle’s website starting today, and will advance through a random selection via computer and 1-minute videos that will eventually be voted on. There will, of course, be a physical evaluation phase as well, no wants exploding hearts or brain aneurysms on their hyped-up privatized “space-flight.”

Regardless, it doesn’t sound like you’ve got anything to lose from entering… well besides your lunch somewhere above the Earth.

Good luck!

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