Headline From Daily Telegraph

New Washington Daily Telegraph From Aug 1, 2584 Headline reads:


Following the results of yesterday’s first galaxy-wide general election, seven Southern Systems have declared their intentions to secede from the union.

“On the 1st day of August, in the year of our lords 2584, the Governorship of Filtair Prime states that the South shall be excluded from the common territory of the Einberry. We solemnly declare that the Union heretofore existing between this System, and the other Systems of Northern Einberry, is dissolved, and that the System of Filtair Prime is a separate and independent System: with the power to levy war, conclude peace, contract alliances, establish commerce, and to do all other acts and things which an independent System may of right do.”

The Systems of Filtair Prime, Polchebel, Broultdyn, Therunia, Hat’eto, Daninei I, and Daninei II have seceded from the United Systems of the Einberry, effective immediately! The senate and houses of each System worked tirelessly into the night passing resolutions seating Governor Markus Ashwater as the first President of the Confederate Systems of the Southern Einberry, and making Filtair Prime their designate Capital Planet.

Condemnation by federal officials, including a statement from president-elect Lincoln calling the move illegal and anarchistic. “Secession is an illegal act, by which the Southern Systems have declared only an attempt at anarchy, not their own depiction of democracy. The people of the South are merely afraid, but forget that it is only that fear which they need abolish. Remember, we are not enemies, but friends. We must NOT be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection.”

The President-Elect has declared that all Fleet ships and bases in the Southern Einberry is still Federal property, and has ordered all Fleet personnel North of the declared “confederate border.” While most fleet ships have flown to the border for patrol, Fort Sumter, a heavy-weapons complex in Filtair Prime, remains the only Union fort in Confederate territory. Located on the northern tip of the Aleskel Belt, Fort Sumter lies in the heart of the system’s main bodies. The base is home to 2500 men, women, and children currently waiting for relocation north of the border.

“These personnel are now an occupying force in a sovereign country,” said Attorney General Tinvec, of Filtair Prime. “It is our responsibility, to the people of F Prime, to ensure no rouge elements threaten the stability of our beloved capital system.” Tinvec, now Attorney General of the CSSE, expressed the Union’s need to respect their sovereignty, “Legality is not an issue when the very government sworn to protect systems’ way of life, is the very threat those systems need fear. When the future of our systems is jeopardized, a people must rise up to change the thing that has put them in jeopardy.”

A Confederate Fleet has amassed around Fort Sumter in Filtair Prime, mostly made up of AshCorp-produced capital and support ships. The question now remains, what will happen in the new capital system? Will the CSSE see Fort Sumter as a threat and make an attempt to take it for their own purposes? Or will the confederacy allow fleet operations to continue in their capital?

With tensions at their highest point after centuries of peace, a Federal spokesperson assures us that all diplomatic efforts are being exhausted in finding an end to this stand off.

Tragedy At Sea, Andromeda’s View SINKS

ELISIAN GATES- 237 people died today, and the death toll is rising, as the maiden voyage of Wright Lines’ experimental flagship Andromeda’s View I, ended in tragedy. The pride and joy of the billionaire Dr Joseph Wright, who also perished in the explosion, the Andromeda’s View was the first of the brand new “hub-jumper” class ship- able to navigate the galaxy’s most notable sights along its 14-day cruise by jumping from point-to-point along the way.

The ship was conceived and built by Wright, who had previously built an entertainment empire with his cruise line, Wright Lines. One of seven ships, the Andromeda’s sister ships have been dry docked in lieu of an investigation into the accident.

From all accounts, the flight was completely without incident up to the point when for unknown reasons, the Andromeda burst into space. Lifeboats were not deployed, and for all accounts this was a surprise… leading investigators to look toward total jump-systems failure.

No comment has come from the FTSB as of yet, however a statement from Wright Lines was issued stating:

In light of this terrible accident involving the Andromeda’s View I, Wright Lines extends its sympathy to those affected by the tragedy. An investigation has begun in cooperation with FTSB officials, and hopefully and explanation for this loss will allow for some closure. 

We send our deepest condolenses to the Wright family as well, Dr Joseph Wright was the father of modern space leisure, as well as three beautiful children, and loving wife Arloa.”

A fund has been started for the families of those lost in the tragedy at Elisian Gates at the Bank of New America.


The USE Southern Star is Nowhere in the Known Galaxy.

USE Southern Star

Experimental boat, the USE Southern Star, was launched 6 weeks ago, and had been to sea for just over a month when she disappeared from all nets. She was the first ship to be built by Ashwater Corp, the eponymous company owned by the governors of Filtair Prime. The last of the Ashwater clan, Markus Ashwater is still in preparations for handing over the governorship to the newly-elected replacement body.

“The experimental nature of the Southern Star includes net-jamming technology that in effect cloaks a craft from sensors, appearing only on visual nets- which are only short-range.” Says an inside source at Ashwater, who chose not to reveal themselves as they are mentioning more than they are contractually allowed.

The source claims the Southern Star is the modern version of the ancient submarines, which could navigate the Earth’s waters through the use of sonar. Before net-sensors where deployed to map the reachable. If so, this boat could pose a leap forward in space technology.

UPDATE: Officials from Ashwater Corp responded with this quote: The USE Southern Star lunched 6 weeks ago in the capital Sector of Filtair Prime. Her maiden course took her out past the Broken Hub, to the mines of Sector 231 on a routine patrol. A month into her voyage, the Southern Star experienced catastrophic navigational problems that required a physical firmware and hardware upgrade. A tug boat was dispatched to dock with the Star and she is currently in dry dock. Re-Christening and a re-launch will occur in the coming weeks. As to reports of the craft’s experimental nature, they are highly exaggerated. The Southern Star does have a ground-breaking new net-deployment technology; however any references to net-jamming or cloaking are completely fictional.