I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for reading my blog. I’ve been scrambling to find some balance between a (now) full-time job, a family, Eugene Daily News, Toomblog, and the novel… (plus my quota of movies, tv, music, and extracurricular activities) and needless to say when I apply more focus in one area, the others suffer.

Now if I can just quit focusing QUITE so much on ECA’s I’ll be in good shape. Unfortunately, that’s something I’ve always struggled with and will for awhile… Fortunately, on the other hand, I’ve obsessive/compulsive, which means my sense of duty to all aspects of my life will pull me in several directions, and some writing is BOUND to come out of it. (lol)

Thanks for hanging in there, and thank you for making TOOMBLOG a hit! I’m cruising toward 2000 views in just under a month- and growing everyday! Spread the word and I’ll get on the next BSG File tonight!


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