Tragedy At Sea, Andromeda’s View SINKS

ELISIAN GATES- 237 people died today, and the death toll is rising, as the maiden voyage of Wright Lines’ experimental flagship Andromeda’s View I, ended in tragedy. The pride and joy of the billionaire Dr Joseph Wright, who also perished in the explosion, the Andromeda’s View was the first of the brand new “hub-jumper” class ship- able to navigate the galaxy’s most notable sights along its 14-day cruise by jumping from point-to-point along the way.

The ship was conceived and built by Wright, who had previously built an entertainment empire with his cruise line, Wright Lines. One of seven ships, the Andromeda’s sister ships have been dry docked in lieu of an investigation into the accident.

From all accounts, the flight was completely without incident up to the point when for unknown reasons, the Andromeda burst into space. Lifeboats were not deployed, and for all accounts this was a surprise… leading investigators to look toward total jump-systems failure.

No comment has come from the FTSB as of yet, however a statement from Wright Lines was issued stating:

In light of this terrible accident involving the Andromeda’s View I, Wright Lines extends its sympathy to those affected by the tragedy. An investigation has begun in cooperation with FTSB officials, and hopefully and explanation for this loss will allow for some closure. 

We send our deepest condolenses to the Wright family as well, Dr Joseph Wright was the father of modern space leisure, as well as three beautiful children, and loving wife Arloa.”

A fund has been started for the families of those lost in the tragedy at Elisian Gates at the Bank of New America.

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