The BattleStar Galactica Files (Ep 1)

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Welcome to the BSG Files. Most of the information gleaned for these posts is taken from the good folks at Wiki and BSG Wiki. I’d like to start with something big- so here’s to the kick-off of The BattleStar Galactica Files!


A History Lesson

All this has happened before, and all this will happen again.”

Pythia, oracle of Kobol

The Known Universe

The universe is very, very old. Einstein theorized that the universe as we know it, is ever-expanding from the point known as “the big bang,” until one day when it will begin to retract on itself. This process is known as “the big bounce,” and is believed to be a result of loop quantum gravity. This is as large-scale as it gets, and when you think about it, if the big bang happened, what caused it? What was here before it? The theory of the big bounce, a cyclic universe, expanding and retracting over and over throughout “time.” Scientists also theorize that the universe’s events over one cycle (cooling, forming, life evolving, humankind, and beyond…) repeat themselves each time it happens… making this the upteenth time I’ve written this post.

“The gods shall lift those who lift each other.”

Commander William Adama

Messengers 'Caprica 6' and 'Gaius Baltar'

In the beginning, there were, the messengers… unknown, sentient, and very powerful beings, the messengers are an ethereal race that have evolved beyond the constraints of the physical form… and quite possibly immortal. Their existence is not known to humans, however they have taken an interest in the plight of humanity in the universe. The messengers are the source of humans’ religion, often appearing as “angels” to people throughout history. They are able to appear directly to either one person, and therefor not visible to others, or, to multiple people at once… therefore have been regarded as agents of “God” or “the Gods.” In truth, they are beings that exist beyond time, beyond our conception of “reality.” It is believed that they are, in fact, agents of a higher power who does not care if it is called “God.”

“Life here, began out there…”

-the first words of the Sacred Scrolls

Human life evolved naturally on the planet Kobol. As on real Earth, on Kobol, the origins of human life, as it is known in BSG, are traced back to this lone planet. Thousands of years ago humans thrived on Kobol, progressing on a timeline much like our modern Earth is today. They developed religion, based on the stars and the constellations, which are identical to the Greek Gods. Known as the Lords of Kobol, the “gods” live amongst the rest of humanity on Kobol in “paradise.” This ancient history is the source of the Sacred Scrolls, the “bible” of BSG. They are a collection of writings that form a polytheistic faith that resembles the Greek gods. The scrolls tell much of the alleged history of humanity, including life on Kobol (before the great exodus) and the legend of Earth.


Many different versions of the great exodus from Kobol exist, but they all support the facts that Kobol became uninhabitable to humans for one reason or another. Whether because of natural disaster, or due to the consequences of the humans’ technological advances and exploitation of the planet’s resources, thirteen tribes of humans left the planet and set out for a distant star. 12 of the tribes colonized “The Twelve Colonies of Kobol,” found in the star system Cyrannus, some 2,000 light years from Kobol. Cyrannus is a massive system comprised of four stars (Helios Alpha, Helios Beta, Helios Gamma, and Helios Delta), each star orbited by its own planets and bodies.

“This is our future. …Beyond artificial intelligence, this is artificial sentience. …It’s more than a machine, this Cylon will become a tireless worker, it won’t need to be paid, it won’t retire or get sick, it won’t have rights or objections or complaints, it will do anything and everything we ask of it without question. …The desire to anthropomorphize, the need to connect is powerful, and that is why this thing is going to sell. We make them, we own them, they’re real. And the worlds just changed.”

Dr Daniel Greystone, inventor of the first cylons.

Cylon Garbage Collector

2,000 years later, the 12 Colonies have grown from scattered remnants of a forgotten planet into a united system (population around 20 billion people), with one government called the United Colonies of Kobol. The planets settled have names based on their gods: Caprica, Gemenon(two very close planets that share an orbit), Sagittaron, Aerilon, Aquaria, Canceron, Leonis, Libran, Picon, Scorpia, Tauron, and Virgon.

Caprica City is the capital of the known universe, and the 12 Colonies are a thriving civilization with advances in space travel, robotics, and cloning. Eventually the race for better computers and cybernetics leads to the invention of sentient cybernetic organisms, or cylons. Cylons are large, bulky robots that are quickly adopted into Caprican society, and in the rest of the colonies. They are used as slave labor, and no regard is taken for their wants, desires, or needs- because they are “just machines...”


Coming Up on the BattleStar Files:

The Cylon Revolution

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