Movie Cred

Hi out there, I’m Matt Toomb, and I’m a flickaholic. I got started when my parents introduced me to movies when I was young. I remember being strung out on Star Wars way before I could even read or write. In my 20’s I had it real bad, sometimes watching up to two or three movies a day. It was the heyday of Blockbuster Video’s Movie Pass program, where you pay a flat fee for unlimited rentals… ah the days of tangible media. When you could take your hard earned cash to the Wal-Mart on Tuesday mornings and buy the new releases on DVD, or fish a few $5 movies out of the bargain bin, then take those plastic-wrapped beauties home and open them up, read the inserts and the giveaways, and then watch the disc! My DVD collection consists of over 300 movies that I purchased between 2001 and 2009, Role Models was the last movie I bought on a disc. Now that’s all gone. Now it’s all files. No discs to hold, no collection to flaunt. You used to be able to tell a lot about a girl by her movie collection, now… well it’s just weird if she catches you rooting through her Netflix Queue or rummaging in her laptop for .avi files… anything to give you a clue as to what makes her laugh, cry, etc…

I sat through all 4+ hours of Lawrence of Arabia and was thoroughly entertained the entire time. I’ve watched theLord of the Rings movies in a row, and I’m talkin the EXTENDED versions, not those pussy theater cuts. I eat, sleep, breathe, think, and talk movies, all the time. I can’t help it. I can quit anytime I want though. I used to have to watch a movie everyday, a few times a day, just to feel normal and keep from getting sick… but now I just watch movies on the weekend.

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