About Me

Me So Thirsty Mommy

The way it goes, the way it goes. When ol’ Dr. So-N-So clamped the forceps on my skull and yanked, he pulled a future genius of publication out, kicking and screaming. “Mark my words,” I screamed, “I will rule the world!”

Ol’ Dr. So-N-So slapped me on the ass, and I couldn’t figure out why… so I developed a horrible-self image at a very early age. I grew up in the little biker/hippie-party town of Independence, just outside of Salem. What did we do for fun? We played on piles of dirt, we traded original Star Wars figures, we walked across tressel tracks way to high for little kids, and we got passed around babysitters like a Justin Bieber CD… We waded in kiddy-pools naked at bluegrass festivals and went to the bar our moms worked at to get Peanut M & Ms and play Asteroids on the arcade, trying not to look at all the greasy-naked-lady pictures on the ceiling of the place (R.I.P. The Tap Room).

Flash forward to 1992, Sprague High School, me in a flannel and ripped jeans sporting Nevermind in my cassette Walkman, experimenting with moist bread and hallucinogens, trying to break away from my Grateful Dead upbringing… hanging out in Matt Postier’s bedroom with the strobe-light  on and banging heads to Ministry while writing on the bottom of our Converse All-Stars. Skip forward to the bottom, legs cramped, chills down the spine, transport vans from various county… um… “Tour of Certain Government Buildings.”

In 1998, on my 21st birthday, I moved to Eugene and cleaned up my act (an oxymoron, I realize). I went back to school at the local city college, Last Chance College, then earned enough credits to transfer over to the real college… I worked my butt off (both in college, and acting out on teenage impulses) and managed to graduate in 2006 with a degree in Journalism, and a minor certificate in Business Administration. Plus I got a lovely call from a nice lady at DHS saying, “Mr. Toomb, it’s a GIRL!” The daughter that had been estranged for almost 5 years (long story, for another time, kind of like Knocked Up, but not as funny) came to live with me full time.

Riley (left), Jackson (middle), and Amber (right)

Then I found out I had another baby boy on the way, and my life changed forever. I bounced around various jobs looking to pull in a paycheck (you try getting a job with a 10-year-old shoplifting conviction on your record, seriously, TRY), until I bounced right out of my mind and found myself a single dad at 32, trying to figure out not only who I am, but raise two beautiful kids as well.

My Honey

Enter MATCH.COM… I signed up for a free trial account (I was working full-time, singing in a local band, and raising two kids, so meeting women was… impossible, especially if I was going to find something other than what I’d been finding for 15 years), and started seeing what was out there. After a few failed dates, and one good one, I came across my honey’s profile, and the rest is history…

Now I’m working full-time, writing full-time, parent to the two greatest kids in the world, and lucky enough to go home to the funniest, most beautiful, and sharpest woman I’ve ever met… My life is great today, and this blog is an extension of that. Thank you for taking the time to read my life story, it’s up to you to decide how much is true and how much is BS. :)

Amber & Jack

This blog is dedicated to my kids, Jackson and Amber. I love you guys!

Check me out at eugenedailynews.com.







Us (circa 2010)

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